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Five Things an Aspiring Designer Can Learn and Enjoy in Sydney, Australia

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Aside from its impressive outback, Australia also has other surprises up its sleeve that can both educate and amaze an aspiring designer like you. Specifically in the vibrant city of Sydney, you will definitely have visual circus from the varying hues of artistry that it has to offer. If you are planning to take your interior design courses in the sunny land down under, here are ten of the many artistic wonders you will definitely enjoy or might find an inspiration at in Sydney.

1. The Paddington Reservoir Gardens

Over a hundred years ago, the Paddington Reservoir was built, but was left abandoned for how many years. Due to a restoration project, it was reopened in March of 2009 and is now a cultural facility. Inside you can find a collection of parks, a sunken garden and a chamber with beautiful graffiti that also functions as a space for cultural affairs. The timber that is exquisitely restored are accentuated with elegant lighting creating that ethereal and Roman period designs.

2. May Lane Art Project

This is like an outdoor gallery in May Street at Saint Peters. In this artists are invited to paint on panels which are hanged on the side of a building. Each artist can paint in either 5 panels or use the entire building for their masterpiece. The result is an oversized display of creative masterpieces. This goes on every month which you can also take part in!

3. Sydney Opera House

Of course, if you want an architectural beauty that best represents Sydney, the famous Opera House is definitely something that you have to see when in the city. Aside from its impressive and widely famous fa├žade, there is more beauty to be enjoyed once inside. The seven shells that you can see on the outside actually comprises of seven different venues for different functions inside. These seven consists of the Opera Theatre, Concert Hall, Drama Theatre, the Playhouse, the Studio, the Utzon Room and the Forecort. Each has their own designs catering to specific activities and comprising different number of seats. What most people don’t know is that the you can enjoy a cup of joe or shop inside the Sydney Opera House because it also housed restaurants, cafe’s and shops.

4. Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour bridge is one of the distinguishing architecture that can be found in Sydney. It was opened in March 19, 1932 and was considered to be a symbol of triumph over the era of Depression, because it helped to generate work for most people during this time. Many people who have climbed it consider the view from the top to be one of the most breathtaking views that is attracted tourists to royals. This is considered to be one of the things you should not miss when you are in Sydney. One of the pylons at the east end of the bridge functions as a museum and tourist center which is open to tourists.

5. Secret Garden

For newbies, this paradise might be a little challenging to find, after all it is deemed to be a secret. But once you finally discover this elusive garden, you would definitely say that the search was well worth it. Wendy’s Secret Garden was brought to fruition by Wendy Whitely after the death of her husband back in 1992. This masterpiece showed no signs of grief, but a celebration of life as represented by the well-arranged fig trees, lush collection of herbs, flowers, and tree ferns. Aside from the beautifully arranged plants, the landscape also displayed other interesting pieces like antique statues, wooden chairs, or a rusty wheelbarrow, which gives that certain kind of charm and homeliness. Different kinds of local birds also take residence freely in this beautiful abode. the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge serves as a picturesque backdrop for the garden.

These are just a few of the hidden beauties in Sydney. For those who want to pursue a design career or any design courses, or just the any artistic individual searching for inspiration, Sydney is definitely a place that is field with architectural beauty and impressive masterpieces to learn from.

Source by Donald Pang

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