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14 Things to Do With a Pot of Tea

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There are many tea types, which is perhaps why so many of us drink it. We are not refined to just one taste, but can match our wide range of taste preferences with teas such as black, white, earl grey, fruit, lady grey, ginseng and green tea. Of course there are many more, but these are the more common known ones in the Western World. Then again it can be drunk hot or iced and with or without milk or sugar. It is great to drink when you have time together with friends and can make a tea-drinking occasion and yet can equally be drunk on your own, in a quick, no-fuss manner.

So here are the 14 top places to drink tea:

1. Tea Time with friends, including a pot of tea and some edible treats to accompany, such as sandwiches or simple cakes. A real treat!

2. A cup of tea on the side, to accompany your meal.

3. At your place of work. Your mug of tea is your inspiration that keeps you going throughout the day!

4. It’s equally at home in a flask, it will accompany you as you take off on the greatest of adventures.

5. After a bad shock, nothing can quite touch the spot and calm the nerves like a cup of tea.

6. First thing in the morning. Who can really wake up properly without one?

7. When visiting friends. How else would you expect to be greeted apart from: “Can I get you a cup of tea?”

8. A cuppa whilst feeding the baby. All that guzzling can really get your thirst going and anyway, you are rather grounded to your chair for a while!

9. When you are feeling poorly- nothing can be more welcoming for your aching throat than a warm, soothing mug of hot lemon tea with spices.

10. As soon as you open your front door after a hard day. You don’t really think of the dinner or the kids first do you? Why then is your first port of call the kettle?

11. After that all important meeting (if you last that long). They wouldn’t really send you home without one would they?

12. A trip to your favourite cafe. Who needs a menu when you know what your favourite beverage is and they know your order even before you have closed the door behind you.

13. On the job, even if you can’t sit down, a cuppa can still be exactly what you need. Have you ever known a workman to refuse one?

14. If all else fails, pour it over dried fruit for your favourite fruit cake recipe and let it soak and permeate as only tea can, before mixing in the accompanying ingredients and popping in the oven.

Source by Christine Hulme

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